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    Heidi Quist

    How can you tell that your recovery is going down hill fast? For a new comer I’m wondering what warning signs could tell you something is up…go to a meeting or call someone! Can anyone help with this?

    Mark Jacobs

    When I feel like I “deserve” things. This is my main warning sign of my life running on self will which ultimately will put me in the wrong direction. We all feel the instincts of money, property and prestige. Who am I to say I deserve or earned something. When I feel this way I get back on track with doing a more in depth 10th step. I call it FRED G. Write down where I have been Fearful Resentful Egotystical Dishonest but also Grateful. When I feel grateful I don’t have to feel deserving. Because I’m focused on helping my fellows. Enjoy your day.

    Duane Jackson – dj

    Check for anxiety, lack of sleep,fears, other negative thinking, lack making decisions, lack focus on God.

    Brian Burgess

    Feeling the urge to go for it again,followed by bouts of anxiety and irritability are the signs to look for…Best would be to get help as soon as possible, rather than suffering later..

    Casabella Recovery

    Signs are many when either you are relapsing or becoming a drug addict.Anxiety,fear,lack of sleep may just be some of the them but the urge to use drug or maybe drink again is the biggest sign.If you are feeling all these signs are there then it is essential that you jerk out of it and think of going and getting help either from the doctor or join a rehab center and get over the addiction.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)