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    Tom G

    As I continue through this journey of recovery I am continually amazed at the endless possibilities for learning from others in the fellowship. A gal speaking at our home group recently said, “I’ve found in Alcoholics Anonymous what I was looking for in alcohol”. Brilliant, I thought!
    A gal speaking at another meeting I was visiting said, “I realized that my drinking was a way of running away from my problems. I didn’t realize ‘I’ was the problem and there is no way to run away from yourself”.
    Again, brilliant.
    There is so much wisdom in our fellowship and it is just there for the listening. Just like sobriety takes a willingness, an openness, and honesty, we can apply those same attributes to our recovery. I need to be willing to go to meetings when I may not feel like it or, especially, if I feel like I don’t need a meeting. I need to be open to the possibility that at anytime, anyone can say something that could change my mood, my day, my week or my life! And, I need to be honest with myself that I can’t rest on my years of sobriety to stay in my recovery.
    Alcoholism is a progressive and very deadly disease. To counteract that, my recovery needs to be progressive. That means a lifetime of going to meetings, listening to others and enjoying the fellowship that AA has to offer.
    This I will do gladly and willingly…with an open mind and an honest heart.
    Thank you for being a part of the Fellowship! I pray that all find serenity and the joy in life that is there for each of us; if we are only willing, open and honest.
    Tom G.

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