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    Tom G

    As I await the home group meeting to start, a friend walks in with someone who looks a little ‘shakey’. “Shakey” sits in the chair next to me. “Shakey” is introduced as just having come off a bender and attending his first meeting.
    I offer words of encouragement, including something like, “everyone in this room has been in the place your in. We’ve all been there; we all understand and are here to help”. It seems obvious “shakey” doesn’t want to talk, so we leave him alone (for now).
    That’s when “shakey” did ‘the pose’! Sitting in a chair, knees spread apart, elbows on knees, hands folded between the knees, chest bent over hands and eyes staring down at the feet!
    I know that pose. I mastered that pose while sitting in detox facilities. For me, that pose was always accompanied by me saying to myself, “What the hell is wrong with me? This isn’t normal. Normal people don’t show up to work at 7:30 in the morning already drunk. GOD? What the hell is wrong with me?”
    I never had an answer.
    I could tell “shakey” didn’t have an answer either (he may not have even known what question to ask!).
    Thankfully, there is an answer! The answer is held in the steps of alcoholics anonymous. How to go about getting that answer can be found in the fellowship of AA.
    I’ve been in “shakey’s” shoes. I’ve been in “shakey’s” pose. I’ve known the uncertainty of what’s wrong and not knowing what to do about it.
    Untold numbers have found the answer before I did. That experience, strength and hope was passed on to me. For that, I am eternally grateful. I feel an obligation to pass that message on to others who are looking for an answer; even if they don’t know what questions to ask!
    The fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous is there. Ready to take in the “shakeys” of the world. Tell him/her that we’ve all been there; we’ve all been in that pose. We can show the “shakeys” of the world that there is an answer and how to experience a life of joy and true serenity.
    If you are looking for an answer or don’t know what questions to ask, find the AA fellowship in your area. You will never find a more open and accepting group, no matter how “shakey” you are.
    I pray all who need it, find and live the answer. Thank you for letting me share. Tom G.

    Heidi Quist

    Tom –
    Loved this message…loved hearing this today. So grateful for every day in recovery and staying strong! Great words! – Heidi

    Tyler Z.

    Tom, I understand the shaky person who comes to a meeting. That was me for weeks until finally it clicked! It took going to about 60 in person meetings in 75 days for me to begin to see it. The hunched over, hands folded by legs. YEP, that was me. Only I was so pissed off to be there I did not like ANYONE there. I even walked out of a few meetings. Had a lady follow me out one time to try and catch me. But I had to figure it out for myself (with a little help), but mainly I had to “come to”. Now some of the people at the meetings I despised at first have become wonderful friends to me. And they have told me I have helped them by sharing as a newcomer.
    I completely understand how new people feel attending a meeting. I was must there not too long ago. But I just kept coming back becuase I had tried everything else and NOTHING else was working. 27 years of drinking (and being an alcoholic) and NOW I get it??? Now I can see it. IT took a lot of hard knocks to see. UGH!

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