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    Tom G

    The first word of the first step of Alcoholics Anonymous is “We”. One of the first things I heard in my first AA meeting was, “This is a ‘we’ program”.
    When reading the Big Book of AA, all of the words of wisdom and discovery of recovery are written in the plural. Early on, Bill W. and Dr. Bob discovered that they (note that it took two of them to realize this) stayed sober by working with other alcoholics.
    Most of us fall into the death grip of alcoholism by ourselves. It is a lonely and solo trip down to the gates of hell. We succumb to the disease without anyone’s help. Alcoholism is a ‘me’ program!
    For me, the success of my recovery program is due far more to fellowship of AA, then anything I have done alone.
    That’s why the following words rang so true for me: “When we share our troubles with another, our problems are cut in half. When we share our joys with another, our blessings are doubled”.
    This really explains the ‘we’ part of the program. Alone, I can fall to the bottom of the valley. With others (the fellowship of AA), I can be shown the way and led to the mountain top of recovery.
    If you are feeling down, reach out to someone in the fellowship. If you are feeling happy, reach out to someone in the fellowship.
    Today, I am sober. I am happy, joyous and free because of the ‘we’ part of this program. Thank you for being there with me on this journey of recovery.
    I pray that all who need help reach out to the people who will gladly give their all to help our fellow alcoholics in need. You are never truly alone. The fellowship (the ‘we’) is always there.
    Thank you for letting me share. Tom G.

    Tyler Z.

    Hi everyone. I was curious if this was still up and running. I visited this online group months ago then found myself in rehab out of state in Florida. I was not convinced of this disease and thought I could fix it on my own. Oh, how I was wrong. I have since August gotten out of rehab and after more convincing still needed after that I began attending in person AA meetings. It took the push from a few friends, but after attending a few meetings in a month I learned that wasn’t enough and had a major relapse again. Then came 31 meetings in 30 days where I began to become convinced I did need extra help. I do have children and they need me present. I would like to share more and interact with anyone here interested in sharing. Thank you.
    Marie B

    Tom G

    HI, Marie B.!! So glad to hear from you. I do remember you from the on-line meetings!
    So glad you were able to get some help and that you came back to this site. Please do share and interact.
    You never know who will benefit from your sharing. Somebody reading your words may be having the same thoughts, feelings or questions. Others can learn from your experience and strengths. You provide help to the anonymous person out there who may be struggling. Imagine, providing hope to someone who is hopeless! And, of course, you help yourself.
    Prior to recovery, I, too, felt that I needed to be present in my family”s lives. The problem was I was physically present, but spiritually and emotionally, I was absent. By listening to others in AA, I learned that my recovery is the most important thing in my life. Even more important than my family. That sounded harsh until I understood that without an active recovery, I was useless to my family. Even just being present wasn’t helpful to my family. As long as I was an active alcoholic, I was toxic to my family.
    With recovery, I am present, in every sense of the word, with my family, friends, work and other alcoholics.
    Welcome back, Marie B.!! Look forward to hearing from you as you share your experience, strengths and hope. Tom G.

    Tyler Z.

    Thank you for the reply. Yes, I look forward to hearing from others and sharing.

    Hazel robinson Bayley

    Hi this is my first day sober
    I am ready to stay sober
    I hope I can use this as a resource
    and support
    I want to be honest

    Tyler Z.

    Glad you posted. What you post will help others. I have 39 days sober now. It has been tough but I have already seen some benefits from not drinking. There have been times where it feels I’m stepping on rakes (and getting hit square in the forehead), but I have to focus on how things will get better if I continue to stay with AA and workbon my sobriety daily. It is a daily thing. I would definitely recommend you attend AA meetings in your area if you can. Those person to person meetings I did not like at first. And sometimes still do not like them. But they have helped. Just keep going and keep going back. Even when you don’t want to be there. You can do this. Lord, if I can. Anyone can. I hope yo hear more from you. Keep coming back.

    Tom G

    My name is Tom and I am an alcoholic.

    Welcome to the fellowship, Anonymous A. Everyone who has any time in sobriety has been where you are right now. Like Marie B. wrote, it is not always easy, but is well worth the effort to get and stay sober.

    Like Marie B. also wrote, it is highly recommended that you get to an AA meeting as soon as possible. If you don’t know where to find a meeting, let us know and we can help. Getting and staying sober on one’s own is difficult. I and many, many thousands before me have found that working with and being with other recovering alcoholics is the key to sobriety,

    I found getting to an AA meeting, getting a sponsor, reading the Big Book and working the Steps of AA (with a sponsor) is the tried and true path to sobriety. It’s been said before, but keep going back (to your meeting) and coming back here. This works.

    Please keep posting here, as well. We are willing and able to help. If there is anything you need, please let us know. Every alcoholic is recovering one day at a time. You are not alone. We all learn from those that have been through this before us. There is a wealth of of experience and recovery out here; more than ready to help. Tom G.

    Heidi Quist

    Marie – Thanks for sharing…I needed to hear this today daily work…just a day at a time!! – Heidi

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