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    Griselda Cervantes

    I guess I have a problem with alcohol, although I had never admit it. I have always drank responsibly at home, especially no driving. But a few months ago, I made a bad choice to drive intoxicated due to arguments with my boyfriend at the time. Anyways this led to me driving intoxicated and two people died as a result of an automobile accident. I was charged with intox mans. I strongly believe that if I ask God for forgiveness, he does and he will. But I still find myself depressed most of the time, I have lost everything.. all I have is GOD. I know I need advise and help from a professional counselor, but can’t seem to afford one. I am attending online AA. My life has changed dramatically due to my wrong choices. Any advise would b appreciated.

    Irene V

    Hi Gris!

    First of all I’d decide if you really do have a problem with alcohol, or not. Be honest with yourself. Just because you made a bad choice to drink and drive on one occasion doesn’t necessarily mean you have a problem with substance abuse. Whatever the case, don’t start now! Stay away from alcohol and drugs if you feel you would abuse them. Whether or not you do have a problem with alcohol, it’s a great first step to reach out for help if you are having a rough time.

    2) Be kind to yourself. The pain you feel is evidence of your humanity.
    3) Keep in mind that you will not always feel this way, that you can find a path to peace.
    4) Ask for help from doctors, counselors, clergy, friends and family. Someone may know of a professional counselor who may be able to help you if you can’t afford one. There may also be resources available that are set up for situations like yours.
    5) What is the point of letting yourself be another victim of the accident? Beating yourself up over something you cannot change isn’t going to do anything but make things worse. Start thinking forward instead of backwards. Focus on all you DO have and what you CAN change for the better.
    6) Do not neglect your overall health- Meditation, eating right, and exercise can be very powerful in helping you feel better. If you feel unsafe and/or still feel as depressed as you are now ask your doctor if they can prescribe you a medication to help you cope with your depression.
    7) Do not abuse alcohol or drugs! Figured it couldn’t hurt to throw that in there.

    Make the Serenity Prayer your mantra:

    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    the courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.

    If you decide you do indeed have a problem with alcohol, I would highly recommend physically going to AA meetings. Get a sponsor. Work the steps and the program will work for you if you keep with it.

    Good Luck!

    Sol R

    What great feedback Irene!! WOW!!

    David Roy

    Please, please reach out to others. Even if the first one or two do not work out, reach out to more. Discuss your feelings and your questions. I am sure your mind is spinning. So many support you as you struggle with this. Know that. Don’t let go of that. And keep reaching out. Isolation means loneliness and more trouble. Include more people in your feedback/friend loop, not less.

    God bless, you have my prayers.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)