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    Good afternoon, all.

    I am a 44 year old alcoholic who quit drinking recently and have horrible shakes and sweats all night long. I can’t hold down any food and haven’t been able to work for three days. I am really trying to detox here at home, but when should I know to go to the hospital? I am a little worried because I’m diabetic and take insulin so I have to eat…but can’t.

    Any advice on how to handle these shakes and anxiety attacks would be greatly appreciated.
    I think after a few days, I should be done de-toxing, right? This is rough, but I am determined to stay sober.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions/advice.


    Sol R


    I would go to the hospital/emergency room as soon as possible to get checked out as detox from alcohol can be dangerous. I am so happy to hear you are committed to being sober. We are here for you and would love to see you at one of our meetings. All the best.

    Jodi L

    Christine, it is great that you are trying to do this, however, as Sol said, you must get to the hospital ASAP, as detoxing from alcohol can be deadly. Medical intervention is the safest way to do this. I never knew how dangerous it was, but now realize that my shakes, heart rate and my senses (touch and sound) being heightened put me at risk for seizures and cardiac arrest. I am very lucky and thankful that nothing ever happened.

    Take things one day at a time and ask for help. Stay strong 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)