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    Brian Burgess

    There is one question which keeps coming back to my mind,and that is ‘How quickly can one become addicted to a drug?’ I want to ask this as i think that a person can not get addicted with one dose and so how it is possible that an addict can not be helped before becoming an addict.

    kevin Finn

    There is really no such thing as an addiction. It’s just a coined term used in the industry to sell rehab programs. Bad habits do start after about two weeks though.

    Heidi Quist

    While I completely disagree with Kevin…addiction was not used to make money for treatment centers as this word was used WELL BEFORE treatment centers in the rooms of AA that were FREE…interesting question Brian because I never know I was an addict until I was well on my way to not being able to stop, tried getting sober once and thought, I’m not an addict this is easy I can use this stuff like everyone else but my disease proved me wrong once again. Really I do believe you either have it or you don’t and you don’t know until you finally realize you can’t stop. Sad disease isn’t it?

    Jodi L

    I am in full agreement with Heidi. If Rehabs were out for money then why was it suggested to me to attend the Retreat instead of Origins – which would have cost me 1/2 a years wage for 1 month? Clearly they were looking at my best interests.

    My drinking escapades started in my mid 30’s after a life changing illness that I survived. Everything that came along with it – panic attacks, anxiety, depression from a career loss I loved, everything completely out of my control….drinking masked it all for me. Instead of being grateful for surviving, I turned the other way. I was, what I thought, “a normal” drinker prior to this. I could take it or leave it. Do I believe alcohol addiction has always been in me, Yes…It’s everywhere in my family. It just didn’t come out until I lost my ability to cope.

    Life is good and I am grateful for every day I have. What an incredible 1 1/2 hours I just spent walking the park this morning……something I would have not done today if I hadn’t have attended the Retreat for help to get sober.

    Sol R

    Interesting information. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the first known usage of the word “Addiction” was in the year 1599.

    Brian Burgess

    Addiction is nothing just a reaction of your mind. If you try a drug and it gives you good feel but you still know that it is not good for your health. Your mind knows everything & if those drugs never come in front of you again, you can control yourself but if it comes again you will remind your previous experience and if someone insists you will take it. And if it happens repeatedly you get addicted.

    Casabella Recovery

    Well before a problem of taking drugs becomes an addiction, i guess ,nobody knows what they are in for. The rehab centers are the only place where an addict can expect the right kind of help to get over their problem.Even if the drug center charge a fee for putting up the patient,I do not see any wrong in it because you can not give healthy and clean surroundings without money. With the number of patients on an increase, funds are needed to run these centers efficiently.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)