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    Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi my name is tim and I am an alcoholic…My problem is that I cant stop drinking once I start and I use my significant other as an excuse to drink. Every time she would go to work I would drink a fifth sometime 2 fifths and blackout…Ive become a little verbally abusive to her and I know that she doesn’t deserve this…Her mother is an alcoholic and weve been together for 7 years…I need to stop hurting myself and the ones that I love. I have never quit for more than a month. This time we need to go the distance.

    David Roy

    Hey Tim. I’m Dave and an alcoholic. I hear your pain. I’m in a similar position. I stop and I start, stop/start. I go between immersing myself in AA, and then suddenly my brain tells me I need to drink and it just takes over. I hate it, and I’m hurting the ones I love, especially my wife. Back to AA today, connect with my sponsor and really try to get through the steps. You are not alone. Only other alcoholics can understand what we are experiencing. And those that have recovered should give us hope. God bless.

    Heidi Quist

    Hey I hear what you are saying. It’s hard I have been there. In the beginning I knew I needed help it was just how or where I was going to get it. I ended up going to treatment but I have seen a lot of people do it through AA meetings, Online meetings, Sponsor and service work through AA. Write in the forum again if there is anything you need help with. This site also offers online meetings and a resource center to help you find meetings in your area if you need it! Hope all is well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)