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    erica a

    [center]”If we maintain our spiritual condition daily, we find it easier to deal with the pain and confusion.” Basic Text p. 95[/center]

    Maintaining my spiritual condition is the key for my recovery. Without proper spiritual conditioning I do not stand a chance of living a sober life. Dry maybe, but not sober. I have had a lot going on in the last couple of months, more than I had any intentions of taking on wherever I decided to make this transition. It has had its ups and downs, but I have worked hard to maintain that positive outlook, knowing that my Higher Power has me every step of the way, even if it doesn’t feel that way at time. I do not work the perfect program, but I do put in effort for the search of that daily emotional balance. I am OK, with the things I am doing, but I am looking for new ways to stay involved with the fellowships that saved my life. One question I always find my life going back to today is simply “Am I OK with what I am doing today?” Today, the answer is very simply, yes.

    Amanda Lynn Davis

    What a great question to ask myself! AM I OK WITH WHAT I AM DOING TODAY???? !!!!!!! Cuz for 17 months I have been a dry addict! However I have been blessed just this past week with finding a sponsor and attending outside meetings! And going back to Church! So, I am hopeful for myself and my recovery and although I may not be OK with some things I am doing i have faith that if I give it to God or my Higher Power, that thy will be done!

    Tom G

    I think you’ve both hit the nail on the head. It took me two years of sobriety to realize that drinking and drugging are not my underlying issues. Spirituality, or, more accurately, lack of spirituality is! For me, drinking was a solution to my underlying issues…it was just the wrong solution.
    When my view of the world didn’t match reality, something had to give. For some reason, people and events didn’t match my expectations (imagine that!). If only they did, the world would be perfect. When that didn’t happen, I turned to drinking to mask my frustration and it became a means to deal with the world around me.
    Knowing that I’m not in control, knowing that a power greater than myself is makes everything alright. Instead of trying to control others and situations, I’ve accepted that I accept the things in life that I can’t change (other people and situations). If something needs to change, I change the only thing that I can change; and, that would be me. And, I ask my higher power for the wisdom to know which to do when a situation arises. That’s how I put the Serenity Prayer into action, daily.
    Am I ok with what I’m doing today? I’m at peace with the world. I have the serenity that comes with turning my will and life over to the care of God, as I understand him. I accept the world as it is, not as I would have it. Like Chris M. said, today, that simple answer is yes. If the answer is no, I use the tools and skills learned through the 12 Steps of AA to get to ‘yes’.
    It works.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)