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    Tom G

    I would really like to hear from our fellowship’s response to a conversation I had with a brother of mine.
    My brother is a recovered cocaine and crack addict (20+ years clean). During a conversation he said, “I really feel sorry for you alcoholics. I don’t know how you do it”.
    Being curious I asked, “What the hell do you mean?”. He said he didn’t know how we stayed away from drinking when it’s everywhere. He went on to say, that as an addict, he doesn’t drive through town and pass three or four legal ‘cocaine stores’ with advertising pictures showing a good looking crack pipe for sale, like liquor stores do. He also said that every time you watch a TV show, someone is cracking a bottle of wine or scotch to relax. They’re not shooting up heroine after a tough day at the law firm.
    When you go to a nice restaurant, the waiter doesn’t hand you a list of cocaine, crack, meth, or speedballs (probably showing my age with that reference!) available with your dinner. We do get a long list of beer, wine, and liquor for ‘our enjoyment’.
    What do you think? I was never a hard drug user, so I can’t relate on that experience.
    I think he may have had a point. That doesn’t take anything away from our recovering addicts in the fellowship, but possibly shines a light on one difference in our recovery journeys.
    Thank you for letting me post. Tom G.

    Jodi L

    This is an interesting topic Tom, thank you for posting this.

    I too am an alcoholic and never engaged in drug use. Your brother does have a point in that “alcohol” is much more available at a public level than drugs such as cocaine, crack, meth. Alcohol is much more socially accepted. That being said, if you want alcohol or drugs, you will find it, no matter what you have to do or where you have to go. I have found lately that people find it odd if someone doesn’t drink alcohol.(Unless you’re at an AA function) I have my doubts anyone would ask “Why not?” if I said I don’t do drugs – but questions are asked when alcohol use (or lack there of) is in question

    I recently had a discussion with my husband about how liquor stores and companies promote their products, but fail to put any of their profits and resources into helping those who are alcoholic. Should they???? I don’t know what the answer is to that. It makes me think of weight loss and healthy eating. Is it Old Dutch or Lay’s duty to promote weight loss programs? Again, I don’t know.

    Ultimately, it is our own decision to do or not to do, regardless of what the addiction is.

    I certainly would love to see these companies make more resources available to those who still suffer. For now, it’s up to us to carry the message of recovery.


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