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    Tom G

    One of the things that has amazed me during my experience with recovery is from whom and how often I get peals of wisdom about alcoholism and life, in general.
    I’ve read the Big Book over and over and continue to learn each time I apply what the first 164 pages say to my life. In treatment, we focused on the first 164 pages, pretty much paying no attention to the rest of the book (I’m sure this is by design and probably best for the new to treatment folks). Once out of treatment and having read the first 164 multiple times, I took a look at the stories that make up the rest of the book.
    What I found was amazing. Here, were stories of people who had gone through the same things I had. Not every story hit home, but some could have been written by me. The stories are short, too the point and many times emotion provoking. Kind of like leafing through Reader’s Digest without sitting in the dentist’s office.
    I have learned a lot from these stories and that has aided me in my recovery.
    I never read the advice column in the local paper. One day the word “alcoholism” stuck out as I was looking for another article. In the advice column, the gal made the following statement, “Alcoholism is a progressive and deadly disease. It is not a character flaw. Character counts when the alcoholic seeks treatment and recovery”. I thought, “My God, that’s right on”. And I happened to learn this from someone I had never read or heard of before.
    I also learn a lot about my self and my alcoholism by listening to others in AA meetings; often times from those who are just starting their recovery journey.
    The one thing I’ve learned is the learning never ends. It doesn’t have to. Just like alcoholism is progressive, learning and recovery are too.
    How do you learn during and about recovery? What have been your :”AHA” moments? I’d like to learn from you.

    Heidi Quist

    Wow thanks for this post Tom. I really needed to hear this today! Love your posts! – H

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)