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    Katrina Lynn Anonymous

    Im Katrina. And im an alcoholic. (Man I still can’t believe im saying that). My first attempt at getting help was right after my birthday (July 11th 2013 was my original sobriety date). I let pride get the best of me. My brain told me im better. (I wasn’t). After my relapse I just couldnt stop. Every time id look at my desire chip it’d make me wanna drink even more. My new sobriety date is now March 9th, 2014. I had let my old selfish ways get ahold of me. Now im attempting to put back together my relationship with the guy I care about more then any other that I dated. He is supportive of my recovery but he just quite don’t understand how “sick” I really am. I joined here to help encourage others, while being encouraged myself by stories of others. I would love to connect with others not just in A.A. but in other addiction programs too. Everyone has a story and I’d love to hear them. Who knows maybe find a best friend that will learn me so when I mess up they can say “Hey Kat, you need to rethink this”.

    P.S. I know most people like to see a pic of who they are chatting with. (I know I do). My phone wont allow me to crop my default pic but I uploaded one in my pics.

    I look forward to getting to know you all! 🙂

    Pam Moore

    Hi Katrina,

    I have 5 days left at the Retreat. Hope you are doing ok. Pam M.

    Rebecca S

    one day at time…you can do this.

    Heidi Quist

    Hey Katrina –
    Sounds like you are back on track. Thanks for sharing your story it’s always good to hear that I’m not the only one who struggled to stay in this program. I love how you said you want to get to know people in addiction and that’s awesome welcome to the forums and myRecovery. I do some online meetings on the site on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays at 8 PM CST. I would love to have you join to share your experience, strength and hope! 🙂 Grateful in recovery – Heidi

    Katrina Lynn Anonymous

    Pam- Thats great that you have only a couple of days left 🙂 I hope it has helped you… never tried a retreat.

    Rebecca- I still struggle with living by that saying. I always wanna look towards the future but that only makes me wanna relapse I noticed.

    Heidi- I would love to go to an online meeting 🙂 I have alot more to share about my story. I’ll definitely check into going to one one day. Right now its hard to go to meetings because Im taking care of my 15 year old lil brother. And to most people’s surprise the reason I quit drinking this time will shock probably shock you.

    Robert DeBuhr

    It is great way to stay sober knowing that you are not alone on this journey. I have been battling it since I was twelve and am 45 now. I went through 4 programs and lastly the retreat which I completed March 10th. What a spiritual connection I found there that was the key to my success and am confident that with God leading the way and opening up doors for me I will maintain sobriety and my life will be restored and it has in so many ways already. Doesnt mean life will be a bed of roses but I will be able to go through the challenges in life dependent on God versus drugs or alcohol. I am here for anyone who needs support. Glad to hear your stories also so continue to share.

    Alfred P

    No One knows more than I do about sober dates and all that .. been fooling myself for years with a coke and alcohol addiction .. but in that life has thought me A LOT and after failed SUICIDE attempts I am in a better place.. I have came to accept that I CANNOT HELP MYSLEF but I CAN HELP OTHERS .. IF THATS GODS WILL THEN SO BE IT.. Would love to help you any way I can .. Until then GOD Bless ALWAYS and Be safe.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)