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    Brian Burgess

    I feel,this life is too short to be wasted on addiction of any kind.People who are addicted to,may be drugs, alcohol, smoking or for that matter any kind of addiction,often lose their sight of important things in life because they are consumed with the desire for the substance they are addicted to.One drink leads to another and before they know it,time has passed and they have lost the opportunity for many precious memories.So to make your life worth while and be of any kind of help to mankind it is absolutely necessary to stay sane and connected to the world.Prayers and Meditation may keep us occupied to stay sane.

    jeannie c

    thanks for your words of wisdom- I just joined myrecovery today, and your message is the first I’ve read ! Wish me luck, I honestly don’t know I really want to quit drinking and if I have the strength to do it–

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)