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    Marie B

    I just typed this then it somehow got deleted so now I am retyoing but a shorter version. Anyone struggle with wanting to drink while home. Unable sometimes to resist cravings. I haven’t suffered any serious consequences like a DWI as I posted in another thread. But pretty sure I have an issue with alcohol. I will go 3-14 days without but then will not be able to withstand the urge to drink. Many times I will find a way to go out with friends and somehow get someone to drive me home. But if I don’t find others to go out I will settle for drinking to get drunk at home. And many times feel if I start drinking at home then I will be able to accomplish sowmtthing at home and get some work done. Anyone relate?
    Since I haven’t incurred any consequences really except I know damaging my body and the fact that after a few days where I haven’t drank, I feel as if “oh I don’t have a problem. I feel great”. Then wham the cycle continues.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)