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    Brian Burgess

    I would appreciate if someone could provide me with details on alcohol rehab centers,as a friend of mine is suffering from acute alcohol problem,and I want to find the best place for him.I was just wondering as to what a usual rehab center does to treat the alcoholics?Are they very expensive,and are any kind of therapeutic treatments also given to the patients while inside the rehab center and after they leave the center.

    Lisa Ann Agre

    If you click on the resource tab above, and follow the links, you will come up with a myriad of resources for treatment centers. Otherwise, you can try getting him to detox while he is under the influence and then the staff will do a Rule 25 Assessment. Another good resource is:

    Heidi Quist

    I read your forum and thought you like many other people have had the same question…where do I go and what will be done there. There are many places that are really good for recovery. I have found places that go specifically from the Big Book of AA are the most successful and treat the person with love and understanding. My road personally started in Minnesota and ended there I would not go anywhere else to treatment as I have seen my friends fall, try again again and again to get this thing called recovery in other treatment centers that focus more on “pampering” and trying to yoga your way back to recovery. I’m not saying yoga is bad just that program of AA, 12 steps and the Big Book are essentially what any addict or alcoholic would need. For me being in the program of AA means that I won’t be able to get away with things that my own alcoholic mind would try to get away with to go back to the drink. With all this said there are some amazing treatment centers in Minnesota. Expensive end will be somewhere like Hazelden but there are others that are just as good that go straight from the Big Book that are priced better if you don’t want to pay the big dollars. One I can think of that comes highly recommended is The Retreat in Wayzata, MN. I have heard amazing stories from both and have been able to experience and hear other people’s experience, strength and hope from these places. I know this site also offers a resource center that lists treatment centers across the U.S. Best wishes on helping your friend find recovery. 🙂

    Brian Burgess

    Thank you for going through my post and taking time out to reply to it.I have noted all the information provided above and will certainly try and contact the centers so that i can help my friend get the best treatment available….

    Sol R

    A couple of questions that help can with recommendations for you.

    Does your friend have insurance?

    Does your friend drink large amounts of alcohol daily, thus requiring a medical detox?

    Do you think your friend is ready to stop?

    Has your friend gone through a previous treatment?

    Are you looking to stay in a general area or are you open to location?

    kevin Finn

    Well the Internet should be a wealth of resources for this question. I can only speak for the one treatment center that I went to, The Retreat in Wayzata, MN. I’ll see if I can describe a typical day there: wake up at 7AM, eat breakfast, meditation in the basement, morning big book study, AA meeting, lunch, stories from guests, more AA meetings, dinner, more meetings. There is a lot of smoking on the patio in between sessions.

    The Good: It’s a positive environment where you get time to know yourself. The people are friendly, but can be a bit pushy. Meditation in the morning can be such a great start to the day since you can really get mentally ready to be the best that you can be. The food is just fantastic. I do recommend the lemon chicken and the gumbo. If Kent is still cooking, you’ll gain plenty of healthy weight. Great places to exercise too.

    The Bad: The Retreat only does Big Book/AA recovery and they are really pushy about it with no other alternatives offered. I’ll try to say this in the least offensive way possible, but I felt like I was being spoon fed cheap religion every day. At the end of 30 days, I was just disgusted. I didn’t look forward to weekends either because this old man named DJ (Dwayne Jackson) came to give lectures. DJ was one of the worst human being I’ve ever met.

    I’m sure every place has a mix of good and bad. Overall, if you’re looking for a religious based recovery location, the Retreat might be a good option. Otherwise, look elsewhere.

    Brian Burgess

    Thank you very much, Kevin, for the details of the treatment that you have mentioned in your post. It really make every thing so simple for me to explain all about the rehab centers to my friend so that he can take the right decision and get over his drinking problem.

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