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Antonia Dietrich

I am having a very hard time approaching the 4th step and my resentments due to the trauma in my life, which I know I harbour resentment for, I was raped repeatedly by the same person over the span of 4 months to which the last time it happened he was murdered by a neighbor of mine. This situation as most could assume, lead to a heavy portion of my alcohol use, depression, anxiety, fear of sexual activities and resentment. I have maintained my own sobriety since September 15th 2012 and have been in OP treatment for over a year of that , I also take private counseling to help with the trauma and have now been in AA for over 4 months. Was just looking for some advice from others, as I know dealing with trauma and your resentments in the 4th step can cause relapse’s which I really want to prevent.