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  • Heidi Quist posted an update 1 month ago

    Hey everyone….what is everyone’s sober date?? Mine is Feb 13, 2010! One day at a time!!

  • Heidi Quist posted an update 2 months ago

    How is everyone doing today?? I had a great meeting last night in online meeting…working on acceptance and one of the attendees put me right in my place on saying “this too shall pass”…thank you Amy for reminding me of simple thought thinking!

  • Loss is a hard pill to swallow…being lied to, someone dragging your name in the mud, family turning their back on you…all hard pills to swallow.  The hardest pill I had to swallow was knowing I had to stop drug […]

  • Hey ya’ll what is everyone’s sober date?? Mine is February 13th 2009…crazy trip it has been! Anyone have any good stories?

  • I’ve often heard it said in AA meetings that “the opposite of addiction is connection.” A phrase popularised in recent years by the writer and journalist Johann Hari. Thinking about my own experience of addict […]

  • People who have had multiple traumatic events (adverse childhood experiences) in their youth are more likely to suffer from chronic illnesses, alcohol use disorder, and more in adulthood.

    Getting sober is often […]

  • You access them through the “Online Meetings” tab! Hope to see you in the rooms!

  • Hope you all have a great week, thank you to everyone who attending the meeting tonight it was great to talk and have someone listen! Hope to see more of you this week! 6 PM central!!

    • so what nights are actually popular with the zoom meeting heidi—i get on here a bunch and hardley any one ever on

    • Kevin, they have been packed for the last few months I have a question for you…are you going in at 6 pm Central?? They have found out that some people come into the meeting at a non meeting time and yeah, no one is in the meeting. let me know if you need any help!! Heidi

  • How is everyone doing today?? I had a rough patch this last week as it was the anniversary of my mom passing. I always struggle a little during this time…I think it is a good thing as it reminds me that people are precious in your life and leave such an imprint on your memories so I strive to be a good imprint on others as well by staying…[Read more]

  • These are the ugly, dark parts of mental illness and drug addiction that no one talks about, and by not talking about it, it stays hidden, and shameful, and powerful, and deadly.

    My sister had 765 “friends” on […]

  • Love your posts, keep them coming!

  • Hey all…how is everyone doing today?? I have had a heck of a week just wondering if anyone can shed some light on how to deal with stress/anxiety in recovery?

    • I read… or walk. It helps most of the time. Hang in there, it will get better.

    • I read… or walk. It helps most of the time. Hang in there, it will get better.

  • Kathy – Hope all is well, sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I too was in the same boat as you with DOC being painkillers. I tried so hard to get clean by myself and it didn’t work. I finally went to treatment and AA and got better. I can say with a humble heart that I am almost 9 years sober. It has not been easy but with a supportive…[Read more]

  • This is the perfect week to reflect on your past recovery and look forward to the year ahead.

    The week between Christmas and New Year’s is a time of transition. We’ve left most of the hustle and bustle of the […]

  • I wanted to get something out of this week of mindfulness meditation. I wanted to live mindfully, feel spiritually connected, to be less of a disconnected, frenzied entrepreneur run by self-will and ego.

    When […]

  • After a while many people in recovery actually discover that the fun they thought they were having was really just an attempt to run away from their feelings of guilt, inadequacy and shame.

    People who have s […]

  • I thought my crazy years were when I was trying hard to get sober and keeping on the straight and narrow.  Well, I wish…my crazy years actually ended up being the years I was raising my teenage daughter that th […]

  • What year was hard for you in recovery?  I remember sitting in a meeting and a couple ladies next to me were talking about their 6th year and how hard that year was to get through.  I, of course was on my first y […]

  • Hey ya’ll…how is everyone doing today?

  • Hey Girl, hope you are doing well!! We are friends now! Hope to see you in the online meetings!!