Re: Treatment

Amanda Lynn Davis

I decided I needed help “this”time!! And I say this time, because I have quit before butbit was for other reasons, other people! So THIS time it was MY determination thatbi needed and wanted the help. And it was just that I did something, a drug I never thought I would do! And I did! For me that was it…that was what made me realize I could not do this anymore!! I got scared of where my life could be. I was so very fortunate I was able to not get ” hooked” on the first try! As I have heard it has and can happen. I mean I wasn’t afraid to try it but something, a blessing, my higher power working whom I did not know just yet, working. But yes something inside told me you better stop now or the next one might just be it! So, that was it! No More and I decided then I was done!! I got clean on 12/15/2014 and have been clean since!