Re: Treatment

erica a

My story falls along the same line as yours Tom. There was a point and time where I did not believe that I had a problem. It was everyone else that had a problem and they needed to do something about it. Then as I began to become more aware to the fact that I was a slave to the cycle, I entered the stage where I was realizing that I had a problem, but there was a sick comfort in my actions and I did not want help. Not long before I was sent to the recovery center, which I now am a staff member at, I woke up one morning (in jail) and could not take it any more. I never wanted to feel that way again. That alone was not enough to get me to stop using. No matter where I went I would find ways and means to get that next fix, no matter what. It wasn’t until June 1, 2015 when I was sent to treatment that I had my first full 24 hours free of any mind and mood altering substances. Today, there is no more excuses. I never have to feel the way that I felt for so many years unless I choose to.