Re: Staying Connected

diane diederichs-stokes

Hi I was just on line with Roger B. I always come away with a much better outlook on life after his ‘chats’ we came into the program about the same time so were taught much the same AA. I can remember as if it was yesterday the day I left treatment to go out into the world on my own. I was so high and excited until I got about 4 blocks away and the panic set in. Where I went to tx. the focus was more on women and women’s ‘issues’ than on the 12 step way of life to maintain our sobriety. We were introduced ever so lightly to AA, AlAnon, Adult Children, and Women for Sobriety. I did NOT have a good sense of where to go for on going support or guidance except for the couple of hours of aftercare weekly. I am sooooo grateful for my Creator putting in me a survivor streak that had me out looking even when I didn’t think I could put one foot in front of the other one more time. I thought I had been lonely and and felt alone during my drinking days but that night walking home from my graduation all excited about what I had just accomplished with no one to share it with except the boyfriend at home that had started using a few days out of treatment himself, scared the holy beJesus out of me and made me so sad.

Well I stayed that way about a week and one day I was walking my dog around the block and had read about a meeting in a church across the block from where I lived. I looked those people over real good, like I was taking their inventory and making sure they would be ‘safe’. What I saw were men and women laughing, hugging, shaking hands, getting into decent cars, and telling one another “meet you for coffee” and things like that. So a few days later at their next meeting I was sitting on one of their chairs. To this day that is my home group, family, life saving, most fun bunch of people I have ever known. That was 32 years ago.

For those struggling with being alone, not able to get out, or whatever the barriers there are those of us that have experienced the same. Perhaps you will do us the honor of letting us know what and how we can be of service to you. Do you need rides to meetings? Do you need someone to talk to on the phone? Do you need someone to chat with on line? Well, so do we, we need to be able to pass it on in order to keep what we have been freely given—-at least I certainly do. Contact me through here I will do what I can to be of service as that will ensure another hour or day of sobriety for me which will make my family and myself very happy. [img][/img]