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Tom G

HI, Marie B.!! So glad to hear from you. I do remember you from the on-line meetings!
So glad you were able to get some help and that you came back to this site. Please do share and interact.
You never know who will benefit from your sharing. Somebody reading your words may be having the same thoughts, feelings or questions. Others can learn from your experience and strengths. You provide help to the anonymous person out there who may be struggling. Imagine, providing hope to someone who is hopeless! And, of course, you help yourself.
Prior to recovery, I, too, felt that I needed to be present in my family”s lives. The problem was I was physically present, but spiritually and emotionally, I was absent. By listening to others in AA, I learned that my recovery is the most important thing in my life. Even more important than my family. That sounded harsh until I understood that without an active recovery, I was useless to my family. Even just being present wasn’t helpful to my family. As long as I was an active alcoholic, I was toxic to my family.
With recovery, I am present, in every sense of the word, with my family, friends, work and other alcoholics.
Welcome back, Marie B.!! Look forward to hearing from you as you share your experience, strengths and hope. Tom G.