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Gary Phillips

Oh, awesome. Thank you for your feedback. And thank you for your honesty. I really appreciate it and it really helps. Is there anyone else out there that has anything to say about this before I go tell my friends what the AA community does? Oh, and by the way, no, it’s not just people in the neighborhood calling. It’s a very real medical alcoholism expert who would truly help, calling from the hospital. My dad has a couple hundred hospitals he’s going to work with on this. But I told him it cannot have anything to do with Alcoholics Anonymous, but just those that want to get sober. There are lots of ways to get sober, besides AA. Nothing else ever works for me, but!!!

So they know what they’re doing. And they know we can’t bring God or the steps or anything into it. It is just to give that desperate, dying, scared to death person a little bit of attention and accountability so they have a little hope. Would be Absolutely confidential, no concerns about that. It is anonymous. It is private.
I think back about when I was trying to get sober and I was so scared to call my sponsor and it would’ve been so wonderful if somebody would’ve just called me. That’s probably arrogant, but we were that early in recovery, were arrogant! If someone had called me and really dug into me what’s going on with me, I know I could’ve been honest and gotten some better help.

So anyone else? Anyone else? Anyone else!! Thank you!