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Jodi L

I am in full agreement with Heidi. If Rehabs were out for money then why was it suggested to me to attend the Retreat instead of Origins – which would have cost me 1/2 a years wage for 1 month? Clearly they were looking at my best interests.

My drinking escapades started in my mid 30’s after a life changing illness that I survived. Everything that came along with it – panic attacks, anxiety, depression from a career loss I loved, everything completely out of my control….drinking masked it all for me. Instead of being grateful for surviving, I turned the other way. I was, what I thought, “a normal” drinker prior to this. I could take it or leave it. Do I believe alcohol addiction has always been in me, Yes…It’s everywhere in my family. It just didn’t come out until I lost my ability to cope.

Life is good and I am grateful for every day I have. What an incredible 1 1/2 hours I just spent walking the park this morning……something I would have not done today if I hadn’t have attended the Retreat for help to get sober.