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Heidi Quist

nena –
Thank you so much for posting this…I was struggling desperately this last week and if I was totally honestly with myself the last two months. I sometimes forget in the midst of life how bad it use to be and how blessed I am now…there are so many things I can’t even count now. I know if I would not have God, my husband, family, the fellowship of AA, meetings, my job, friends and everything that makes me up today that I would not be where I am. I had ice in my soul when I was using and I was empty, a shell of a human. All the promises I have received from the program of AA have gotten me where I am today. Reading your post gave me chills as I have had multiple friends relapsing and I feel myself getting pulled into anxiety and fear wondering if some day if I will be in that place. After picking up more meetings, talking to my sponsor and bumping up my fellowship I have started to realize I can focus on today and that IS IT! Today I was sitting at fellowship with 15 other people from AA and it was all I could do to smile and say…you know what…let the anxiety melt away, life and everything it throws at me I’m going to have to let it go and let God because I am not in control. My stomach has been in knots for weeks but today was the first day I could feel it melting away. I am as good as I am going to be, this is me…no more and no less and I have to be okay with that. Again, thank you for telling and keeping me sober today! 🙂 I hope I get to read more from you! -Heidi