Re: Help When you Need IT

Tom G

Great topic. Hope to hear and learn from many of my AA brothers and sisters.

When I’m feeling down and don’t seem to have the will to reach out for help, I remember that I also didn’t have the will to seek out help when my drinking was out of control. In that case, others got me the help I needed. On a day to day basis,I need to recognize the need and make that call…seek someone’s help.

Most of the time, when I tell someone how I’m feeling down, just the act of connecting with a fellow AA’er, brings me around. That’s what I remember when I don’t feel like picking the phone up or drive to see someone. Even though I don’t feel like it, even though I may not think I’m worth somebody else’s time, just connecting changes my mood and attitude.

I recognize that I’m not blazing any trails in my AA journey. A whole lot of people have been through the same things I have. Tons of people have the same feelings I have. When I remember that, the phone call or reach out is easier to do.

I also recognize that when someone reaches out to me, I get a benefit. That helps me stay sane and sober. Knowing that many others in AA understand what I’m feeling, they understand the need to reach out, they benefit from being sought out as well…makes that call easier to make.

Anxious to hear how others cope with this all-too-familiar situation…