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Heidi Quist

Hi not sure how I can help but can you elaborate a little on your situation? I know I have had to work closely with my sponsor on making sure I don’t build resentments further along in my recovery and when I first got sober. If I had any resentments my sponsor always had me do a 4th step on it surrounding resentments and then I had to look at my part and where I was causing the issue. If there was anything I was doing then I had to make the amends for that even if they had done something wrong to me…at least I was clearing my side of the street. Does that make sense? I try to forgive at all costs now a days because it isn’t worth my happiness to get so angry or frustrated about how a situation didn’t set well with me. I can chose what I say but I can’t choose what other say BUT I can choose how I let what others say effect me!