Re: 2 Years

Tom G

Barry, sincere congratulations on reaching the first two of many years of sobriety! It’s an accomplishment of which to be proud.

I’m happy to see a fellow “Wolfpack” brother remains sober and sane after two years. I remember you came into the Retreat a little nervous and unsure of what the future would hold for you. You accepted the things you couldn’t change, had the courage to change yourself when necessary and the wisdom to know the difference.

You’re an inspiration to me as I approach the same milestone. Interesting to note you gave credit to your HP, two treatment centers and the AA steps. You didn’t credit yourself in this accomplishment! You recognize that ‘self’ doesn’t lead to sobriety; turning your will over to your HP and listening to others does.

You’ve got this, my friend! Keep coming back! Looking forward to celebrating many more years of sobriety with you and the rest of our fellowship.

Tom G.