West Virginia Mayor “Relieved” Over Son’s Drug Arrest

Charleston Mayor Danny Jones believes jail could save his addicted son’s life.

mayorCharleston West Virginia Mayor Danny Jones says he is “relieved” over his son’s cocaine arrest, believing jail could save his life. Zac Jones, 23, was arrested Thursday for possession with the intent to distribute an ounce of cocaine. “It may surprise many to know that I was relieved when I found out Zac was arrested, because I know that the only things that might save his life are isolation and yes, incarceration,” says the mayor in a statement. “If in jail or prison, I know that Zac has a better chance at living than on the outside. This is because Zac is a hopeless drug addict who has broken the heart and the will of everyone and anyone who has tried to help him.” Zac Jones has been arrested twice before, once in 2010 for possession of heroin, and once for driving under the influence in 2008. His father says he has never used his political clout to bail him out, and even clued in the cops to his whereabouts before his 2010 arrest. “I know there are a few parents that will read this and relate to the heartbreak I feel,” says the mayor. “I plead with those in the law enforcement, judicial, and jail and prison system to treat my son no better or worse than any other defendant. My son does not need anyone to save him from taking this life saving fall.” Article Link…

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