Walmart Janitor Discovers Meth Lab In Women’s Restroom

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Walmart janitors may not have the most glamorous jobs on the planet, but they should at least be able to count on avoiding unintentional run-ins with operational meth labs.

Police officers in Boaz, Alabama, are reporting that a maintenance worker discovered pseudoephedrine pills and a plastic water bottle with crystalline residue at the bottom while cleaning the women’s restroom at the local Walmart.

Pseudoephedrine is the over-the-counter drug used to make the active ingredient in crystal meth. Despite efforts to regulate its sale, meth addiction continues to be a serious problem in Alabama.

The janitor reported the discovery to his managers who contacted police.

“It kind of blew my mind when I read the report,” said Boaz Police Chief Terry Davis. “We’ve found a lot of shake and bake meth labs in different places, but never inside a business.”

Law enforcement officials familiar with this type of on-the-go meth lab said it would take a typical chemist 15 to 30 minutes to cook low-grade meth using the supplies discovered at the Walmart. They could not confirm whether or not the culprit finished the product before ditching his or her apparatus in the restroom.

Police are combing the store’s surveillance video for a suspect.

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