Vanessa Marcil: A Case on clebrities and drugs

vanessa-addictionVanessa Marcil is an American actress that has been performing in soap operas and drama shows for years. Marcil has been acting for quite a while. Unfortunately, like so many people involved in the entertainment industry, she had to deal with substance addiction at one point in time during her life.

Drugs in Hollywood are nothing new and neither is the fact that so many stars have to deal with this issue at some point in time during their careers. Drugs are a part of the lifestyle, glamour and glitz that is made available to celebrities and entertainers. Narcotics are taken by celebrities at parties and social affairs and they’re also available on some film sets and in a few recording studios. So it is hard for most famous personalities to get away from narcotics and they can get caught up in a lifestyle of addiction.
Marcil was married to actor Corey Feldman during the late 80s and early 90s. She has admitted to doing drugs with Feldman and they both had to battle substance addiction. Being caught up in a lifestyle of drugs is not a good thing for anybody; especially a famous television personality.

Actors and actresses can literally change the world with their lives and their work. Substances such as drugs and alcohol can severely harm or destroy their careers. Marcil has been fortunate enough to have overcome her former addiction to drugs and she continues to keep going strong in her career. Article Link…

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