anonymous-peopleNORFOLK, Va., March 11, 2014 /IWANTPOP.COM/ — ValueOptions®, Inc., a health improvement company specializing in mental and emotional wellbeing and recovery, announced today that it is a sponsor for the call-to-action campaign for the feature film, The Anonymous People. The movie examines the 23.5 million Americans living in long-term recovery from addictions and the emerging public recovery movement.

The film’s theatrical premiere will take place at 7:10 pm on Friday, March 14 at the Quad Cinema, 34 West 13th Street, New York, NY.  ValueOptions’ sponsorship will help ensure the outreach and engagement of the film’s audience worldwide.

“We’re very excited to serve as a sponsor for the call-to-action campaign of this important film,” saidLori Szczygiel, Senior Vice President, ValueOptions Public Sector Division.  “As a behavioral health management company, we fully support people sharing their stories of recovery, which is so honestly captured in this documentary.  Speaking out advances the voice of recovery, which is essential in providing hope, reducing stigma, and changing policy. Our participation will help ensure this message gets to communities that might not otherwise hear it.”

The film features interviews with more than 30 people, including many prominent and successful individuals, among the millions in long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction who are making the courageous decision to speak out publicly. Award-winning actress Kristen Johnston, former NBA star Chris Herren; Tara Conner, Miss USA 2006; former congressman Patrick Kennedy; veteran news anchor Laurie Dhue; Tom Coderre, chief of staff to Rhode Island Senate president are just a few of the high profile people interviewed for the film.

The film does not criticize the anonymous aspects of specific recovery programs, but it does present the downsides to keeping one’s struggles with addiction secret.  Some in the recovery community have stated that while remaining anonymous can protect individuals from the stigma of addiction, it can also perpetuate false perceptions, as the public doesn’t see how often people recover. It can also hamper individual efforts to speak out publicly to promote system change.

“This film is not your tired old addiction story often seen on reality television or in the news,” said film producer Greg Williams. “There are no needles hanging out of people’s arms, pictures of the brain, or fried eggs in a pan. We set out to find the answer to one very fundamental question: Why don’t we treat addiction in this country like any other health issue?”

This film aims at transforming public discourse in much the same way that activists once decided that an honest open discussion had to take place about topics such as breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, and being gay in order to spark widespread change.

The Anonymous Peopleis produced and directed byGreg Williams; written by Aaron Cohen, Greg Williams, Jeff Reilly, and Bud Mikhitarian; executive produced by Paul McCulley; co-executive produced by John Silverman; photographed by Craig Mikhitarian; and edited byJeff Reilly; with an original score by Brendan Berry. To view the movie trailer, visit

ManyFaces1Voice is the call-to-action campaign developed by the creators of The Anonymous Peoplein partnership with Faces & Voices of Recovery, the national addiction recovery advocacy organization, to drive the visibility and impact of the documentary. Among other components, the campaign includes the website, a forum where people touched by addiction to alcohol and other drugs can join others to fuel this growing movement. Article Link…

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