Undercover Fugitive Ran Rehab for 30 Years

Cops catch up with a convicted murderer who was running a rehab in California.

fugitivePolice have finally arrested Richard Bradford, an escaped fugitive who was found to be running a drug treatment center in Pasadena California under an alias, for 30 years. Bradford went to jail for first-degree murder in 1971, and remained behind bars until he was released on parole in 1978. But after skipping out on a meeting with his parole officer in 1980, he spent the next 32 years as a fugitive. Living under the alias of James Edward Heard, complete with a false birth certificate and social security card, he became well-respected in the Pasedena community, where he ran the Eaton Canyon Treatment Center. The rehab became the front for all his belongings, with his car, credit cards and properties held under its name. But in 2010, a parole apprehension team got word from the DMV that the fingerprints of “James Edward Heard” were remarkably identical to Bradford’s. But he refused to turn himself in, and went in to hiding. After attempting to track him down for the past two years, authorities finally nabbed Bradford at a Home Depot last week; he is currently under arrest. Article Link…

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