Tripping in Prison

An inmate tells The Fix about the pros and cons of doing acid behind bars.

prisonBeing locked up can be a strange trip indeed, with acid a readily available escape from the realities of life behind bars. “It’s easy to get a hit of acid in prison,” one federal prisoner tells The Fix. “You can put a tab of acid right under a postage stamp and mail in in just like that on a letter and no one is the wiser. We used to do this all the time.” In the early ’90s, during the height of prosecution of LSD cases, a lot of acid was entering prisons this way. “We would take a hit early Saturday morning and go out to the yard because no one wants to get stuck tripping locked in a cell,” the prisoner tells us. “We would lie on the bleachers and just look up into the sky and watch as all the prisoners went about their day. We would be in a different world totally.” But plenty can go wrong; violence and acid trips may not generally mix, but the same doesn’t apply behind bars. “One time there was this big fight on the yard between the Border Brothers and Gangster Disciples, this was at FCI Manchester in Kentucky, and we were tripping our heads off,” he recalls. “That shit blew my mind. It was like a movie. I literally have flashbacks of that scene to this day. The most vivid image…was this big black dude getting his head busted open by a little Mexican with a pipe… That picture has stayed with me. And it sucked because we got locked down for that shit for three days and I was tripping in my cell the whole time, trying not to freak out.” Article Link…

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