Trazodone Ineffective in Battling Insomnia for Recovering Addicts

Trouble sleeping during recovery? A recent study by researchers at Brown University found that the drug Trazodone (most commonly used to treat depression) does not help recovering addicts who struggle with insomnia. The research led by Micheal Stein, M.D. and his team, studied 137 participants in methadone maintenance programs who complained of sleep deprivation. Some of the recovering addicts received Trazodone and some were given placebo. Over a six month period of sleep-monitoring tests as well as surveys and interviews, the study found that there was little difference between the placebo group and those taking Trazodone. Sleep deprivation is one of the most common complaints of those in recovery. More research studies are being to conducted to help find treatment for insomnia, with out causing dependence.


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