The Houstons’ Train Keeps Wreckin’

Same family, same struggle, new generation in the reality show focusing on Bobbi Kristina Brown.Houstons

Some saw Being Bobby Brown as one of the best, if shortest-lived, reality TV shows of the last 10 years. The Bravo trainwreck followed BrownWhitney Houston and their then-pre-teen daughter, Bobbi Kristina, in Atlanta. Now celeb-reality fans will rejoice as Lifetime’s current show—The Houstons: On Our Own—further documents the life of Bobbi Kris, now 19, and her family while they struggle with their grief over Whitney’s death. Unfortunately, Bobbi Kristina’s coping mechanisms are pretty dangerous. And watching people struggle with addiction proves just as heartbreaking-but-compelling as it did in Being Bobby Brown. Bobbi Kristina slurs her words, falls asleep at family functions and gets rushed to the doctor’s office for “dehydration.” Lifetime tastefully opts to show her vomiting on-camera. Then there’s her Lohan-y smoker’s voice, her engagement to her “brother” and her Tootsie Pops diet. Grief is hard to handle at any age, let alone so young. But Krissy’s strategies could be killing her. Read More…

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