The Case for a Booze-Free Office Party

Drinking at the office holiday party can cost you a day of work—or even your job—treatment experts warn.Pic

Drinking at the holiday office party can ruin your life—maybe forever, maybe just for the following morning. But most people do it anyways. A new study (as well as at least one episode of every sitcom ever aired) suggests that boozing with co-workers has a negative impact on employee health and work habits; according to the recent online survey of over 2,000 adults conducted by Caron Treatment Centers, 64% of Americans have called in sick or know someone else who has missed a day at work because of a hangover after a holiday party. As for those who have managed to crawl in the next day, almost half were hungover, or knew someone else who was. Most of these groggy employees say they had trouble being productive: 61% arrived late or left early, 54% said they “mentally checked-out” and 46% had trouble completing work-related tasks. December is of course an especially boozy time of year, with 75% of adults saying they drink to excess during the holidays. “Alcohol is often center stage at holiday parties,” Dr. Harris Stratyner, vice president of Caron Treatment Centers, tells The Fix. “People don’t feel like they can enjoy themselves and socialize without it, and unfortunately, there are some people who discover that one or two drinks is just not enough.” Read More…

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