Talking with my folks

Was talking with my folks last night on the phone and telling them about some research I’m doing for an article on how to memorialize a family member or friend that has passed away.  Searching the Internet, I stumbled across a site that turns your loved one into a keepsake diamond.  I won’t go into the details, it made me a bit squeamish to think about. 

“So, would you ever want to be made into a diamond keepsake bracelet?” I asked them on the phone.  We all decided that would be weird and had a good laugh about the thought of wearing my parents as a bracelet or ring. Imagine  the strange moments of conversation you would have when someone complimented you on your jewelry.
“Hey, that’s a cool bracelet, where did you get it?”
“Thanks, it’s my mom.”
“Oh, it was your mom’s bracelet?”
“No, it’s my mom as a bracelet.” 


I’m sure it’s a fantastic rememberance piece for some people.  I’m just thankful to know it’s not going to be a request in my family.

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