Study: Alcoholism on the Rise Among Women

 A new study shows binge drinking and alcoholism among women are on the rise in the U.S. Fresno County’s deputy alcohol and drug program administrator, Dennis Koch explained, “If we go back about four years, there’s been about a 20-25% increase in the use of alcohol by women.”


Numbers show Fresno County women are no exception.

Koch explained, “Last year, we had about 2,500 women go into publicly financed treatment programs here in Fresno County. About 800 of those had small children.”

Koch said most Fresno County alcohol treatment programs are full. Women are now being put on a waiting list. So why is there an increase? Koch believes the main culprit is stress.

“We have a struggling economy. People are trying to do more with less. Probably more is expected of women from over the years as far as being in the workforce, taking care of the kids. All those kinds of society pressures, we expect stressors to go up and with that alcohol use,” said Koch.

What is most concerning for health specialists is alcoholism also raises medical issues, including liver inflammation, heart disease and breast cancer.

“Women don’t metabolize it the same as men so they can get higher concentrations in their body so they are more prone to binge drinking and the effects of that just so anytime someone’s intoxicated, they’re in dangerous situations,” said Koch.


Health experts say the best way to prevent those dangerous situations is to seek professional help.


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