Stevie Nicks Warns Drug Users to Save Up for Rehab

Fleetwood Mac’s frontwoman gets brutally honest about the costs of cocaine addiction.

stevieIf you like cocaine, you’d better be ready to pay your own way through rehab, cautions Fleetwood Mac frontwomanSteve Nicks. In a candid interview to air this Sunday as part of Oprah Winfrey‘s Master Class series, the singer dishes about the cocaine addiction that nearly killed her, and advises anyone using the drug to start saving their pennies. “My only advice to anybody who is watching me talk right now is to say, ‘Save your money, because it’s gonna cost you $50,000 to go to rehab,” she says, “You will have to go or you will die.”  The singer says she regrets spending so much money on cocaine, as well as the toll it took on her looks. “Everybody else thought you looked beautiful but that’s because everybody else was stoned,” she says, “You didn’t look beautiful; you looked high.” She also paid a physical price for excessive drug use, with one doctor informing her that she was on the verge of death. “I went to a plastic surgeon and he looked in my nose and said, ‘You have a really big hole in your nose; it’s very dangerous,” she recalls, “Your next hit of coke could be your last hit of anything.” Nicks and the rest of Fleetwood Mac are currently gearing up for a tour that will kick off later this year. “I’m up there doing a two hour and ten minute show right now and I don’t even have a drink before I go on stage,” said Nicks last July. “Sometimes I laugh and I look out and I’m swirling around. And I’m thinking you know what? I’m totally sober and I’m having such a good time.” Article Link “the fix”…

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