Steven Tyler – Steven Tyler: Doctors are drug dealers

Steven Tyler claims irresponsible doctors who tried to push him prescription drugs were more damaging than ”shady” street dealers.

tylerSteven Tyler compares doctors to drug dealers.

The outspoken Aerosmith frontman claims irresponsible doctors who are too ready to give out prescription drugs are more damaging than ”shady” street dealers.

Speaking about his long-term battle with drug addiction on the ‘Dr.Oz Show’ earlier this week he said: ”Y’know who the new dealers are? They’re doctors. The dealers aren’t on the street. It’s not a shady guy on the street. Y’know how many doctors I’ve gone to and said, ‘I’m in a 12-step program, I’ve been sober for … ‘ He goes, ‘Ah, good for you!’ On the way out he says, ‘You need something to sleep tonight?’ ”

”I’m trying to tell him that I can’t take anything that’s mood altering, because if I do, I like to ride it.”

The 65-year-old rocker infamously battled an addiction to heroin, which landed him in rehab in 1986 before another stint in 2009 to treat an addiction to painkillers, but he claims all humans are prone to addictive behaviour.

Steven reasoned: ”We all do, right? You get on a water ski, you wanna go again next week. Kiss her – I wanna do it again! It’s ‘euphoric recall,’ it’s not so odd. It’s what humans – y’know, we’re all touchy-feely. Even those that say that they’re not and men that don’t cry, they still want to be touched by their mothers.

Steven Tyler has penned the foreword for new book ‘Being Sober’ which aims to help addicts in their recovery. Article Link…

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