Staying Clean and Sober on Memorial Day

recovery-holidaysTo some people, the idea of spending a holiday weekend clean and sober may seem impossible. Having fun in recovery, without the need for drugs and alcohol, is possible. We do this by creating a plan and new traditions with the help of sober supports, friends, and family.

Here are some tips to stay safe and sober this Memorial Day Weekend:

Surround yourself with people who support your recovery

Whenever possible be with the people who understand and encourage your ongoing sobriety. When it’s not possible to be with your sober friends, make sure they understand where you are going to be and what that will be like for you. Stay in contact with your sponsor and sober supports throughout the day. Then plan to get together with them afterwards to process.

Have an escape plan

If you are celebrating memorial day at someone’s house, go with a trusted friend. Be prepared to leave if things become too difficult or stressful. Try to stay somewhere that feels safe. Be realistic about the time that you spend somewhere. You can always stay longer if you’re comfortable and everything is going well. If the visit is difficult, you will be grateful you were planning on leaving.

Avoid Pressure

If you are invited to attend a BBQ or a party where you know people will be using alcohol or drugs, consider finding alternative plans. Don’t put yourself in a position where you will put your recovery in jeopardy. You could be enjoying Memorial Day somewhere else.

Set boundaries

If your friends or family are not in recovery, they are relying on you to tell them what you need. If you prefer that they didn’t drink in front of you, tell them. If you would prefer not to go to a party or BBQ where you know people will be impaired, let them know. Ask for the time, space, and support that you need. If they are not willing to respect your boundaries, it is better to know that and make other plans.

Create new traditions

Host your own sober Memorial Day BBQ. You can also ask what sober supports have planned and ask to tag along.

Set boundaries and place limits, put guidelines in place to stay safe and to protect your recovery. Having fun sober, during special events that revolve around alcohol, is possible. Article Link…

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