Spirituality In Addiction Recovery

It has been said that addicts who enter into recovery are actually fortunate for they are forced to take a look at themselves and their spirituality. By self-examination, recovering addicts are able to realize that their lack of spirituality is partly the cause of their distress.

It seems that many people are incapable of tolerating themselves because they have a negative feelings about themselves. They start to have a distorted self image which leads them to go to great lengths to escape or deny their identity as they perceive it. All of these things make discovering spirituality impossible.

I have always called it self-inventory when I take stock of where I am in life and how I feel about where I am. Sadly, years started to pile up where I was avoiding performing self-inventory due to fear and disgust. I had neglected my spirit for so long that I was truly afraid of what I would find if I looked. So I didn’t look.

A very important component of spirituality is self improvement. But, it is impossible to embark on self improvement without knowing where your starting point is. To get a starting point, you need to do a self-inventory and find out what your assets are and in what areas that you need work. Article Link…

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