Spirituality Aids Alcohol Recovery

Spirituality Aids Alcohol Recovery 

Incorporating spirituality and a sense of purpose into the alcohol recovery process has been an integral rehabilitation component for years. A new research study explores this aspect of the process documenting how spirituality changes during recovery may influence a person’s chance of succeeding in the quest for sobriety.

The study by University of Michigan Addiction Research Center researchers is found in the March issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

Study authors show that many measures of spirituality tend to increase during alcohol recovery and they also demonstrate that those who experience increases in day-to-day spiritual experiences and their sense of purpose in life are most likely to be free of heavy drinking episodes six months later.

“While people’s actual beliefs don’t seem to change during recovery, the extent they have spiritual experiences, and are open to spirituality in their lives, does change,” says lead researcher Elizabeth A.R. Robinson, Ph.D., a research assistant professor in the U-M Medical School’s Department of Psychiatry and member of UMARC..Read More…




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