South Carolina Man Illegally Operated Rehabs In Three States

Clayton Alfred White declared himself to be a professional drug counselor despite having no license or even training.

clayton-treatmentA South Carolina man has been accused of illegally running drug rehab centers and distributing medication in three states while declaring himself to be an addiction counselor despite having no professional training.

Clayton Alfred White, 42, surrendered to police on 10 charges, including unlawfully practicing a regulated profession or occupation without a license and falsely claiming to be a professional counselor. He had opened facilities throughout South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia since this March. Clients stated the facilities were advertised as “Oceanside Recovery for Men” and gave White thousands of dollars for inpatient treatment.

One victim said she paid White $5,835 to enroll her son in a 90-day program, but failed to receive any of the promised services, including “medical care, addiction therapy, and on-site LPN staff to monitor clients and dispense medications.” Another victim paid over $7,000 to enroll their son from March 31 to August 6, but also did not receive services as promised. One former client accused White of housing 18 clients at one facility despite claims that only eight people would be housed.

An investigation by detectives determined that White was not a licensed doctor, clinician, or licensed medical practitioner of any sort, nor was he overseen by a board of directors. A warrant for his arrest was issued on August 8.

Unfortunately, addicts are being taken advantage of in other parts of the country, including Philadelphia, where rehab operator Jeffrey Jackson was recently accused of operating numerous unlicensed recovery homes and housing dozens of addicts in residences that were deemed unsafe for human dwelling. Article Link…

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