Sobriety Suits Tim McGraw

The country singer says he quit booze five years ago in order to become a better dad.

Country music star Tim McGraw gave up drinking five years ago, he tells People magazine, so he could be a better dad to his three teen daughters. “I drank a lottim from my point of view and I needed to stop,” says McGraw. “I felt quitting was something I needed to do. I didn’t feel I had any moral high ground with my kids in the long run.”  The 45-year-old singer is sporting a different kind of six-pack these days, having replaced boozing with intense workouts and weightlifting, and he says his new workout regimen helps him get a different kind of rush. “When I hit the stage, my adrenaline is going and I’m ready,” he says. McGraw, who is married to country singer Faith Hill, says his new album, which drops in February, is reflective of his “new beginning.” “I’m in a good place right now,” he says. “I want to enjoy my career and having my family. I have a busy life, but it is a fulfilling life.” Article Link…

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