Robert Downey Jr.’s Son Is In Rehab!


If you can see that you have a problem, rehab should NEVER be a shameful thing — it’s a fantastic option to get yourself back on track! We mean, if anyone can get back on track, it’s the son of Robert Downey Jr.… who is totally famous for doing exactly that!

Robert’s ex-wife Deborah Falcone has just announced that Indio, Robert’s 20 year old son, is in treatment. Apparently he’s getting a “holistic, natural and orthomolecular” form of therapy, which we hope works.

The facility was not named by name, but she did say:

“We are hoping to do it the homeopathic way rather than with medications. He’s being treated with vitamin supplements and organic foods.”

The weird thing is that she believes and says her son was only taking one prescription pain pill a day and does not have addiction issues — which would make us question as to why he would need treatment then. If it’s not an addiction, why not just stop?

A source close to RJD allegedly said:

“This is a nightmare for Robert because his boy has never been in trouble before. He’s praying for Indio’s recovery.”

If anyone can get him through it, even if only by example, it would be RDJ!!

We just hope he’s getting the treatment he truly needs! Article Link…

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