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Two Dolphins Die of Suspected Ecstasy ODs at Swiss Rave

Cops investigate the deaths of two marine mammals after a two-day techno party was held at Switzerland's version of Seaworld.

Two lives were tragically cut short this week after a two-day techno rave in Connyland Marine Park: Switzerland's answer to Seaworld. Young dolphins Shadow and Chelmers died painfully of suspected drug overdoses. “The death went on for over an hour. It was horrendous. I have not been able to sleep since," says dolphin keeper Nadja Gasser of Shadow. Police initially blamed the blaring techno music for the deaths, but zoo vets suspect the creatures were fed narcotics, possibly ecstasy, by ravers flinging pills into their enclosure. "I do not think Chelmers or Shadow died of natural causes. I think our dolphins have been poisoned," says Glasser. A statement on the Connyland website seems ironic now: "Protect the ocean from pollution! Let’s do our share in saving these mammals and protecting our oceans.” Connyland gave permission for the rave, and though animal rights activists are holding them accountable, the park denies responsibility. Trans-species drug pushing has recently captured media attention. Last week dog handler Jessica Plourde was accused of doping her prize-winning Siberian Husky, Pixie, with Benadryl at the DuPage dog show in Illinois. And last month a British court spared a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Diesel which mauled a child, because it had earlier been given beer. Swiss cops currently have no suspects in the dolphins case and await confirmation of the cause of death.

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