Rapper 360 opens up about his battle with over-the-counter painkillers and the moment he realised he needed to change after collapsing backstage


matt-colwellOn January 9, 2015 rapper 360’s concert was cancelled when he was found convulsing backstage, all he remembers is waking up in hospital surrounded by tubes.

He said that he had taken four packets of codeine-based tablets before his show.

The rapper has now released a song about the eye-opening incident and pleads with his fans to get help if they need to for addictions.

The artist says he would take three packets of Nurofen a day, now his addiction is with exercise. His song explains how hard he found his addiction to talk about, and how until he ended up in hospital no-one knew about it.

‘No-one knew I didn’t tell one person couldn’t bring myself to because I felt like a burden,’ he sang in the 4-minute video.

360’s real name is Matt Colwell and his songs often reflect his life experience but this is the first time he has spoken in public about the incident which made him change his lifestyle.

‘I should be dead maybe I’ve got nine lives seven left cos I have already died twice.

‘I’m glad it wasn’t bye bye cos it is my time to do it without the high life. ‘I needa talk about some s**t that happened a year ago (sic).

‘See talking about it hurts, it was when I was an addict and I was at my worst,’ he sang. ‘No one knew my addiction it was stupid.

‘90 pills daily of Nurofen Plus. Give me any drug I was chewing them up.’

The 29-year-old revealed he felt like a zombie on the tour but couldn’t stop taking the drugs because he didn’t want to freeze on stage.

‘I was at the venue I was going to perform.

‘Everyone around no one know what for literally no one knew I was going through it all.

‘Woke up in hospital going through withdrawals someone guarding my bed but no one would talk.

‘Am I alright doc, then he tells me I am on suicide watch, I am a danger to myself.’

He has since replaced his addiction with another, more positive vice, fitness, hitting the gym to fight his way out of his life with drugs.

He mentioned in his lyrics how sad he was to let his fans and his family down when his addiction was uncovered, and he felt silly for not sharing his problems with them sooner.

‘If it wasn’t for my family I would have tied a knot in the rope the devil handed me.

‘If your hearing this and your battling alone you should tell somebody cos your family should know.’

The song was viewed more than 2,780,000 times in its first eight hours, attracting more than 100,000 likes and 17,000 comments. Read more…

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