“Bomb Mom” Goes to Rehab

The NYC mother arrested last month for possession of explosives has been released on bail and ordered to rehab.

Gliedman heads to treatment.

“Bomb Mom” Morgan Gliedman is headed to rehab to treat the heroin addiction that was blamed for the explosives and “terrorist” pamphlets found in her West Village apartment last month. Gliedman and boyfriendAaron Greene were arrested on December 29th for possession of explosives and illegal shotguns. Authorities also found pages titled “The Terrorist’s Handbook” in the apartment, but they later chalked up the criminal activity to her and Greene’s alleged drug habits. It was later discovered the pair had also been arrested last February for doing drugs in a car and Greene had been sentenced to five months in jail for also having an unregistered rifle in the trunk. Gliedman, the daughter of an established, millionaire Manhattan doctor, was nine months pregnant during the December arrest and gave birth last week to her first child while hospitalized in police custody. She has been released on $150,000 bail and was sent to a mandatory, 30-day drug treatment program. Upon completion of the program, she will wear an ankle bracelet that will allow her to travel around Manhattan and Brooklyn. Gliedman reportedly stopped doing heroin after discovering she was pregnant, and the baby was born healthy and drug-free. But celebrity bail bondsman Ira Judelson has said: “She wants to get clean. She wants to address this legal issue. She wants to raise her daughter.” Article Link…

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