Ohio State DL Tracy Sprinkle charged with cocaine possession after arrest in bar brawl, according to police report

ohio-linebackerCOLUMBUS, Ohio — The official report from Lorain Police on the arrest of Ohio State defensive lineman Tracy Sprinkle on Friday night includes a charge of cocaine possession and describes a wild bar brawl at the Grown & Sexy Lounge in Lorain.

According to the report obtained by cleveland.com on Sunday, an officer responded to a “large fight in progress” at the lounge. The officer described about 50 people outside the lounge upon arrival, with several groups of them fighting.

Sprinkle was allegedly one of those involved and was arrested at the scene and placed in the back of a police car.

According to the report of a second officer, who placed Sprinkle under arrest, two small bags of cocaine were found stuffed under the back seat after Sprinkle was removed from that vehicle and placed in another car. According to the report, they weighed 0.2 grams each and both tested positive on the scene as cocaine.

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer indefinitely suspended Sprinkle on Sunday morning.

The initial responding officer described a scene of “absolute mayhem” inside the bar upon arrival, including chairs being thrown, and deployed a police dog to attempt to get control of the situation. Sprinkle, 19, and another 23-year-old man, Wayne Blue, are described in the report as shouting at each other outside the bar repeatedly as the officer attempted to restore order. All night shift units of the Lorain Police responded to the scene, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol also arrived to assist, according to the report.

A young woman is described in the report as being unconscious when the first officer arrived, and that victim reported that she was a bystander who was hit by a chair and pushed into a wall when the fight broke out. She was unsure as to who threw the chair or pushed her. She was treated by an ambulance crew that responded to the scene.

According the report, Blue said he was struck in the face with a bottle by Sprinkle. The officer said that Sprinkle “denied any involvement with anything and otherwise remained quiet.”

In addition to Sprinkle’s drug charge, both Blue and Sprinkle were charged with rioting and failure to disperse. A check of the bar after the fight by police found “the pool table had been flipped over, overhead lights were broken, tables and chairs had been thrown around and broken apart along with multiple beer and liquor bottles.” Article Link…

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